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    I have just been offered a position with a small company. I have to make my decision within 48 hrs. I have an interview set up with a large, well-known company in two weeks. The salary is 25% higher at the larger company. What should I do? Accept and stop interviewing? Accept and continuing interviewing and if I get an offer from the larger company, decline the smaller companies offer? What other options?
  2. In the financial industry, bigger is better. Try to get a job with the biggest most reputable firm you can early on. This allows you more freedom and flexibility to do what you want later. Do a great job. Come in early and leave late. Hit your quotas. volunteer to do extra work. Make the right friends. Got it?

    Good luck
  3. Good advice Steve, I agree. That is what I did in Telecom outside sales and when I left that company, and still in telecom, I had several offers at interviewing. Bigger is better.
  4. bigger is better is a total joke!

    you should tell that to the first employees of MSFT, AOL, ORCL and a multitude of other "small" start-ups.

    and on the flip size--- tell the employess of enron or refco that bigger is better.

    bigger is better is the MOST MORONIC statement i have read on ET.

    go with the company that gives the best opportunity to grow and use your skills regardless of size.

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    Thanks for the advice but my big question is: should I accept the smaller company position, keep interviewing with the larger company and when they make me an offer, decline the smaller company's offer? I know it's morally wrong. What should I do?

  6. Im not sure how morally wrong that is these days. Most companies do not care all that much about their workers and what happens when they get canned. Or how moral they are when they pass you over for a promotion or raise, when you are in line.
    Some companies have a 60-90 day probationary period anyway, so I would take the position and keep all options open.
  7. Accept the job, & set your start date for July 10 - 12, whatever works for you. Go on the interview, if you get the offer & its what you anticipate, resign the small company postion. This assumes you can put off signing a contract till after your interview.

    I do agree that bigger is NOT always better. With a big company (I worked for Refco) comes lots of politiking & the threat of getting lost in the shuffle no matter how well you perform...Lots of cogs in those machines. Small firms give you a chance to make a mark & actually become recognised early in your career, at least more than a large firm would. Do well at a small firm & you can leverage that into a big payday. vice-versa is obviously with your gut

  8. Getting a little sensitive there aren't you stud?

    Sounds to me like you are stinging a little bit from the verbal ass whoopin you received received recently.

    Try to take it philosophically, after all, I am sure you have plenty of worthless ass books in your library that you can sell when I go on vacation.

    By the way I have several offers on my copy of "Street Smarts". Thanks for the idea.

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    When it comes to trading , you want the firm that is the very well capitalized. Most likely that is going to be the bigger firms. The last thing a trader wants to do is go work for a firm that is undercapitalized and mostly likely very adverse to risk.
  10. Sold!!!!

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