Should I close my Tradestation account?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by 4XIS4U, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. 4XIS4U


    I've signed up with Tradestation 40 days ago and here's what I like:

    - Charting (nice, easy to use, accurate)
    - Data feed (fairly reliable and complete)
    - ELS (lot's of support in the forums)

    here's what I don't necessarily like:

    - Order management (not suitable for fast trading)
    - Resource hog
    - Expensive comissions
    - No Canadian Stocks (which I need)
    - Data feed cannot be used with other tools
    - No stocks scanning/screening tools..

    Now, I know that I can keep it for free if I do more than 10 rounds and I do a lot more than that but here are the reasons I'm thinking of cancelling:

    - I'm mostly using the charts
    - Most of my trades are with IB and I use another Order Entry software
    - I don't do any backtesting
    - I need to chart Canadian Equities

    I thought that with the money I'll save by trading just with IB I can pay for a data feed that can be used with other softwares such as Amibroker (which I own) and also QuoteTracker...

    I'd appreciate if you could share your thoughts... thanks!
  2. tef8


    I use Qoutetracker with IB and just started using IQ as the feed - which I really like so am going to keep.

    You can try Qoutetracker for free and just use IB as the feed to see if you like it.

    If you don't add alot of stocks to your qouteboard often intraday you won't need another feed besides IB.

    I do so the IB feed did not cut it for my needs hence the IQfeed trial. (the IQfeed backfill is much faster than IB's in Qoutetracker - so before people start cryin about that it is night and day difference).

    IB's booktrader and charttrader pretty good order entry tools.

    Or the Qoutetrader works real good too - especially if you are in and out real fast.
  3. 4XIS4U


    I really like QT too -- the only limitation I see is the 10 days max intraday charts... sometimes I want to see a 120 mins chart is not possible... I'm also considering Ensign
  4. iqfeed

    iqfeed DTN

    IQFeed can feed AmiBroker and QT at the same time as long as you have an IQFeed for AmiBroker subscription ( Plus, I talked to Tomasz yesterday, and he will be releasing a new IQFeed plugin that will remove the hard coding to our old 120 calendar day minute data limit. We have expanded that to 8+ months (~1.5 years on the most heavily traded eminis) but the current AmiBroker plugin for IQFeed doesn't support it.

    IQFeed does provide the canadian equities you need as well.