Should I change from IB to Efficient Executions?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Robert Weinstein, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Upset with IB once again which means I am currently looking to see if another broker would be a better choice.

    I trade about 800K shares or more per month and short over 95% of the time so I need a very good short list.

    I add liquidity and so ECN passthru is a must.

    It appears that Efficient offers a much better commission schedule for both options and stocks but I have never used Sterling and I really like using a DOM /Book trader. Does Sterling have a DOM and if so how do you like it? If not is there an add on that can be used?

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    I made the switch from IB to Efficient Executions and am very happy. I am saving about $100k a year in commissions from Efficient Executions compared to IB.

    I don't think Sterling has a DOM, but you would use a market maker box and Level 2 if you were trading equities?

    Doesn't Trading Technologies have a patent on the DOM, and they sued a bunch of software companies that had DOM's in their software for patent infringement? Do I have that correct?
  3. Efficient Executions.. thats the name of a firm?

    Are they still around. Anybody got a link (they sure dont seem to show up on google).

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