should I buy MSFT???

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  1. Hey guys

    with the release of Microsoft new XBOX 360, do you think it a good time to long the stock 'till the end of the holidays or it's a bad idea??? suggestion are very welcome

  2. Better idea.... invest in sony, as it will sell better than Xbox 360, especially in japan. Microsoft is screwed, and the company is done for, these last attempts at desperation are all it.

    Once Google comes out with it's operating system, and crushes Microsoft for good..... what is left?
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    I wish I had a dollar for everytime I've heard that Microsoft was finished.
  4. I'd love a dollar how many times I've heard someone say microsoft was making progress.... yet here we are, and they are going in reverse, and the company is showing it. If you can't see it, then it doesn't matter how good of a trader you are, you are biased heavily, or just dumb. This applies to anyone that thinks Microsoft is making progress and thinks they are successful anymore.

    I'm sure there will be a ton of people that will come in here and try and stick up for Microsoft, but, I don't need to say anymore.... the next few years will speak for itself, and that is all I have to say on the thread.

    Good trading to all.
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    Very tough.

    IMO it has max .50 left this year, and possibly -$1.50 downside imo. Many stocks get sold on the news. XBOX 360 comes out tomorrow, very tough to say....

    That said, longer term, i.e., if you are willing to hold past Jan '07, it is probably going to $32 -$34.

  6. The general public has NO idea how formidable MSFT is. They think MSFT and Gates just got lucky... I have friends at HP that worked directly with MSFT executives on the HP preview project...they characterized the entire organization as extremely intense, cut-throat, and performance driven. I have also met Charles Douglas, their lead anti-trust attorney from sidley in Chicago. Same thing, a Harvard degree and ready to sue you if he doesn't get his way...he gets his way!

    How many software companies can claim 20+ years in business? Google hasn't done anything beyond innovating so far either. They improved the search engine and they copied Overture for monetizing searches.

    MSFT is better capitalized with the right organization to take down virtually any corporate entity that threatens their market.

    Apple would not even exist if it weren't for MSFT injecting $150mm in a stock purchase....

    MSFT has:
    OS Market
    Office Suite
    Internet Explorer
    Xbox w/xbox live

    What else am I missing? Oh, cash and than some! Google is currently a minor threat, but in no substantial position to de-throne MSFT from their industry-leading position.

    You can't steal substantial market-share with a product that is only marginally better in only one of MSFT's businesses.

    So get off the Google is conquering MSFT already, many have tried and all have failed MISERABLY.
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    Quote from JMowery1987

    Oddly enough about the first time I heard about the pending death of MS was around 1987.
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    I wouldn't be so sure, being first to market is very important, and it looks like Microsoft is going to have nearly a year prior to North American launch of Playstation 3. It seems like everyone is talking about the Xbox 360 these days, the buzz factor is definately present.

    Two key things:

    - It will be interesting to see holiday sales stats for the Xbox 360

    - It will be even more interesting to see if the Xbox 360 will be profitable for Microsoft.
  9. Microsoft only makes a profit on the xbox (notsure about the 360) if you buy 4 or more games. Thats when they make the profit.

    I would not buy!
  10. Chagi


    That may currently be the case, but I'm sure that they will be able to rapidly bring down the cost of manufacturing. And yes, I know, their retail prices will also drop over time...

    I'm also guessing that Xbox Live for the 360 is going to be a high margin business for them.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not trying to imply that the Xbox 360 is going to be a product that will single handedly launch Microsoft into the stratosphere. I did however want to make some key points to the previous poster.
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