Should I buy a Lenovo

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    I need a new laptop for trading only, to replace my lenovo T61 which has been a good machine.

    Should I buy another Lenovo and if so which model should I go for.

    Should I consider another brand.

    I figure 1,000 bucks or less should get the job done.
    I don't need all the fancy bells and whistles but I do need provision for a second monitor

    many thanks
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    Where are all the experts when I need them.

    There some very knowledgeable people here on ET
  3. Do you need a mobile machine? You get a lot more with desktops. They are also faster and more configurable.
  4. I just bought my first Lenovo, a 15" ThinkPad Edge with an Intel i3 for <$400 on sale thru Newegg. It is fast and works great with a second monitor plugged in.

    If this were my primary computer however, I would probably buy their T series.

  5. These days a second monitor (VGA or HDMI out) is pretty much a standard on laptops. USD1000 would get you plenty of choices, and laptops with good, fast processors too (e.g. i7/i5 second gen).

    I used to work for a company and had a company-assigned IBM Thinkpad T43. The machine was quite reliable and no problem for a few years. The only thing I didn't care to use was the little red trackpoint in the middle of the keyboard. I am a thumbpad kind of guy...
  6. a friend of mine used to be a huge fan of Thinkpad, bought Lenovo as a replacement and is still cursing about it.

    don't know if lenovo improved over the last 3 years since he got screwed.
  7. My Lenovo is a T500 I picked up for 40% off in an after Christmas sale in 2009...

    It rocks! Mind you I had downgraded to XP when I got it, because I didnt like Vista, then my Windows crashed and then I got Windows 7.. Its still awesome ... its over 2 years of heavy use now.

    The screens obviously aren't Apple quality, but the machine never heats up... it never had any hardware issue at all. Its the perfect machine imo...

    I cant speak for their lower end models. I believe I am running 3 GB on it.

    I occasionally run my via a docking station to my Samsung TV monitor to watch movies and its great even through an old school PC monitor cable.

    You can get docking stations for cheap on Ebay and other Thinkpad parts.. it saves alot of future hassle when you go with an IBM / Lenovo product because your stuff is still relevant for a while, unlike most other brands..
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    One reviewer loved the Lenovo keyboard, not sure which model he had...
  9. Got an Lenovo ideapad. It's ok, but certainly not the best I have ever had.
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    Long IT background.

    Have had T20, r61, n200, a31 (2), Z61m, T61p, still running the Z61m and the T61p and meeting requirements. T61p is the last one designed under IBM's engineers supervision. Prior to IBM/Lenovo a few years of Toshiba but the software support of IBM and the keyboard moved me accross. Real IBM machines are reliable, have no faith in Lenovo. Some accesories no longer available, grrr...

    Next machine will not be Lenovo.

    Not yet decided, perhaps Toshiba or alternatively HP. Whatever you do get a non-reflective screen, not a glossy one.
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