Should I avoid not invented here syndrome, or do it myself?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by nooby_mcnoob, Dec 28, 2017.

  1. Indeed, and that's kind of why I'm erring on the side of remaining with my expertise. My experience with my own systems is that when they are an extension of myself, I am more productive than teams of people (this was a feedback I received while working at the hedge fund - they fired my entire team and got me to do everything)
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  2. djames


    It wraps the official API, imposes an ioloop and allows API to be used in none event driven manner.
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  3. Fun DIY update of the day: the cleaning lady rebooted my machine while I was out with the dog for a walk. LOL.

    Time to fire up that Linode.
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  4. Hello nooby_mcnoob I use this before and the service is terrific. I also use NinjaTrader and the service is terrific and free. Keep it simple, why build something that is already built and ready for use.
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  5. sle


    It's especially touching that they offer IB TWS as a platform while pushing a latency-reducing solution :)
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  6. This seems like a good idea.
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