Should I Attend Medical School?

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  1. I don't post too much about my personal life, but I was accepted to a relatively prestigious medical school that shall remain unnamed.

    I did not accept. But I have thought of reapplying before I have to retake the MCAT.

    So, for those of you exposed to the medical field, who are physicians, are relatives of physicians. etc.,...

    Any and all thoughts would be welcome.

    p.s. I have no idea what area of medicine I'd like to specialize in, and wouldn't have a decent basis to suspect which one I'd prefer until residency, but the most interesting areas to me at this time are immunology or psychiatry (yeah, yeah..hold the jokes).
  2. may i suggest gyecology
  3. The days of Doctor equals automatically rich are long gone.

    You'll be getting paid peanuts while doing fellowship or residency. You may have issues getting a position once you specialize. Working at a hospital means 90 hours weeks. Starting your own practice requires significant capital.

    A lot of work & effort on top of high expenses are required just to become a doctor. If you got skills and are exceptional, it will more than pay off. But otherwise, it's like any other competitive profession. A decent living.
  4. i know an orthopedist that does 5 hip replacements daily $$$. an assembly line.

    the local 'heart bypass' surgeon is a millionaire and "celebrity" @37.

    but the hell with that just go for the Orthodontist. easiest high paying job on earth :D
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    Why would you go versus not go? What are your thoughts on this? What is your opportunity cost?
  6. I have 3 friends who are docs in different and when I talked to them a few years out of school they said they wouldn't do it again if they had a do over. I haven't asked them lately, but it's been about 15 years now and I never hear any of them complain, and they are making quite a few dollars, despite the story line that the profession ain't what it used to be for pay.
  7. Yea but you'll scare your patients with your constant pessimism. Someone will present with acne and you'll tell him it's probably skin cancer.
  8. hah, don't go to med school..

    grind it out on forex

    that's the ticket :D
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    If you could get into an MD or DO program then why not invest the time and effort (and money) into it. Even if you never practice medicine, but decide you want to stay focused on the stock market your unique medical and stock market background would make it very easy for you to land a job with a top firm. Just a thought.
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    Sometimes your a very funny guy stock, and when you say stuff like this that makes me smile it almost makes putting up with your other posts worth it.
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