Should grown men cry?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by aphexcoil, Nov 2, 2002.

  1. Have a great weekend, Max!
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  2. i cry everytime i open a new thread and find you, aphie:( :( :(


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  3. Aaron


    Only at funerals. Or if their dog dies.
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  4. A couple of months ago I did something and I wasn't sure what I did was right. I called my dad and told him what happened. He started chewing me out telling me what I did was wrong and how he couldn't believe I did that. In my head I started to get mad and felt like yelling back saying it was his fault because I learned from watching him.... but then I realized, If I'm the grownup I see myself as, I would not blame others for my mistakes, so I just bit my lip. It felt so much better to blame myself, because I knew there was something good to come out from it.

    It's interesting you mentioned how "if you still have issues with your father or mother, you are still a child, no matter what the age," because it makes so much sense. A grownup should be able to let go of their mistakes, and move on, where as a child sulks and blames others for their misfortune.

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  5. my dad used to kick the living tar out of me as a kid all the way through jr high.

    BUT the day i turned 15 i said THATS IT MF!!

    his next swing at me, i laid him out cold. hasn't come at me since. heh heh. in fact he hasn't said one word to me after that in 15 years.

    what do you think about that?

    _ _

    yelling at you is one thing, but your dad ever beat you up?
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  6. Were you a bad kid?
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  7. no not at all goldenarm. i was kind of a nerd as a kid, and yes i did some prank stuff -put condoms on car antennas, threw eggs at a house or two, put cans in middle of road at night for unsuspecting motorists- you know the stuff that only a nerd would do because he's too scared to be a real bad boy and do real bad boy stuff like stealing cars or burglary. i didn't have the balls for that.

    so the short answer is no, i was a good kid. no scrapes with the law or anything like that. i was an underachiever in high school, i could have done better but i did ok.

    i did nothing to deserve a beating every other week, that's for sure.

    my dad has always been an angry person for as long as i can remember. he never smiled, was always yelling and punching the refrigerator (when he wasn't punching me or slapping my mother)

    i tried to see him a few years back but he wants nothing to do with me. won't even come to the phone.

    oh well...i am not going to cry about it that's for sure. life goes on. right?:)
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  8. I agree, i don't dwell on it. i don't even like to think about it. Onward & upward!:D

    ps but i'll NEVER cry!
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    Randy you got some serious issues going on there boy:eek:
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