Should EvoTraderV2 be banned?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by EvOTraderV2, Mar 23, 2012.

Does EvoTrader provide fail and balances recommendations and opinions?

  1. Yes, his views are well-balanced and honest

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  2. No, he is a shill named Ron apparently

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  3. This is the type of stupidity that discredits EliteTrader

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  1. one of the senior members on the site, cstfx, seems to believe I'm a shill for WTS with some ridiculous accusation that I'm some guy named Ron. I give my own advice here based on personal experience and would like to get some feedback as to whether or not I have assisted the members of the boards.

    This is more to prove a point that the industry suffers greatly as a whole because one person doesn't like one firm and makes an agenda to label anyone who recommends them a "shill" or similar.
  2. emg


    well, who are u?
  3. Hey dude,

    Just a heads up... It wouldn't surprise me that many of the folks hitting the: "No, it's a shill named Ron" answer are just hitting "No" on the question from the thread's header... as in Q: "Should evotraderv2 be banned?" A: "No... whatever whatever blah blah"

    : /

  4. Look at me! Look! LOOK!

    I voted shill bc there was no option for attention whore.
  5. t0pd0g



    I voted that you should not be banned. Here is my take:

    Your views are well balanced and honest. You preach trading at licensed firms for US traders or well established offshore firms. People you read my posts know I believe strongly in the same thing. You do mention a few firms in your posts. All well established firms.

    I think the problem some people might have and what I notice as well is that you seem to "live on ET". You answer questions minutes after they are posted. It's as if you are waiting for Prop Trading questions from people so you can answer them. So it doesn't seem like you are a trader because a trader would be trading all day and not aggressively monitoring ET.

    Maybe you can clear up ctsx's doubts by posting who you are. Definitely not your name, address, and social security number....but rather your background and why you post so frequently.

    But do whatever you want. I feel your posts are an asset to Elitetrader and if someone doesn't like them they can put you on "ignore".

  6. bpcnabe


    Drama queen - should be banned on that reason alone.
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