should ET have a "dating" section?

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  1. I did not have the chance to post on the thread
    "Single female day trader looking for a partner".

    May be some females , who are not into trading, would be very much interested in
    dating successful traders: could ET make it easy for these females to come into
    contacts with such persons, with a "dating" section?

    In the past, some posters were actually pimp (male and female) or "Daddy/Madam"
    marketing some females under a veil. And even worse, some of these females being
    the open door to some criminal networks in search of fools to rob.

    Here we had one very decent female putting herself out there, with no intermediary.
    She put herself out there, explaining what she was looking for directly.

    We could have found out more about the "gold digging" mentality, she was accused of:
    the advantages and disadvantages. And people could have discussed in what ways she came
    as "gold digging", understanding this mentality would have been an asset.

    I also wonder if it is better if people can just have a place where they can "advertise"
    in an open way, instead of hiding, creating whatever schemes under whatever guise.
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  2. Lol what?

    Why are you here on this forum? To learn about trading and make money, right.
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  3. Turveyd


    I thought she was merely looking for a Male trader to chat to, big world, no mention of her location so don't see any other motive really, woman are all nuts so I understand why Male only :)

    Anything else was merely piss taking, didn't read all the thread or throw my name into the mix.

    Nothing but gold diggers these days and I have ZERO gold that's how desperate they are.
  4. Not interested in dating male, unsuccessful traders, nor am I interested in getting together with a gold digger. :D
  5. big mac

    big mac

  6. Handle123


    Way I look at it, any "born" female trader that wants to date me is nuttier than I am, so why would I want to date her? Prefer to get away from patterns and numbers and go have different amount of stresses, their kids, their friends their parents then I can fade into my mind about trading. Now isn't that clear? LOL:D
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    This sounds like a posting for the "religion and politics" thread.:rolleyes:
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  8. big mac

    big mac

    when i lay my head down to sleep, i'm working out charts in my head for about an hour before i drop off.

    i wake up with a chart in my head.

    i love it:)
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  9. Handle123


    Fortunately or unfortunately I lost this, either age or automation, you just feel further away from trading and not on your mind as much, it has become more of a job now, committed to do not out of as much love of the challenge but it I stopped, all the knowledge would fade away, keeps brain active and I am greedy, and "Greed is Good", lol.
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  10. Overnight


    Why do you not have a chance? The thread is still here...

    Oh, it's locked. Well, that's where you will find your dream-date.
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