Should ET add the ability to recommend posts?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Rearden Metal, Jul 30, 2005.

Should ET add a 'recommend this post' feature?

  1. Yes, good idea.

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  2. Yes, good idea, and a 'jeer this post' option should be added as well.

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  3. Don't know/ Don't care.

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  4. No, bad idea.

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  1. Simple concept really. See a post you agree strongly with, and click "Applaud this message" to add your recommendation to the total received.

    Not an original concept, this is probably the one thing the Yahoo message boards does right:

    Posters will NOT be allowed to sign in under various aliases to recommend their own posts. Any decent web-designer knows how to technologically prevent this.

    In addition, the ability to 'boo' a post can also be added. It would work in similar fashion to the 'recommend' feature, but clicking 'jeer this post' adds one's disapproval to a separate 'jeers' column.

    Every post will then be displayed along with the total number of recommendations and jeers it has received. Thoughts?
  2. There seems to be already a member (s) who post congratulations to himself/herself using one of his alias so can you imagine what would happen to have the ability to recommend a post?

    I voted No but would accept a recommendation ability only if it was only seen by the poster getting the recommendation.....Ex: I like your post so I give you a recommendation but only you see it and you see it came from me...No one else would see the recommendation you received from me......this way the users with multiple user names can't jerk us around anymore than they do now.

    You would know I appreciated what you post and that is all that is necessary IMO...after all, this is a site about big money and the ability to win or lose big money....which can seriously effect someone's lets try and put a stop to the pissing contest IMO..