Should Doctors Ask About Gun Ownership?

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  1. This is a dangerous trend. I can see a time when psychiatrists are going to diagnose gun owners with some type of mental illness, an imaginary disease like armed paranoia, in order to get their guns seized by the government.

    Legitimate concerns about self-defense will be branded as psychotic delusions in need of heavy medical treatment and special mental hospitals will be set up to brainwash recalcitrant weapon owners into accepting government propaganda and teach them learned helplessness.

    Should Doctors Ask About Gun Ownership?
    Posted: Thursday, January 17, 2013 7:24 PM EST

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Nashville Sporting Arms owner Chris Tenpenny is one of many who has a problem with President Obama's gun control plan.

    "Should doctor's have the right when I go for a check up to ask me if I've got any guns in my house no I don't think that's none of their business," said Tenpenny.

    A few lines in the President's plan to address protecting the rights of health care providers to talk to their patients about gun safety. That's because many of the shooters in recent mass shootings have had some type of mental illness.

    Michael McSurdy of Children and Family Services said people are upset about the language but the mandate has always been there on medical and mental health professionals. "The majority of folks who see a doctor or counselor are not there because they have suicidal or homicidal ideation but the folks who do come in and voice that it will be a question," said McSurdy.

    He said it's an important question that could save lives. "We often know that asking those questions opens the door to a conversation that can really change the decision that somebody makes," said McSurdy.

    Yet some lawmakers believe the President is enlisting doctors in a campaign against guns. Tenpenny says the president needs to look into making it more difficult for the mentally ill to buy guns. While McSurdy says it starts with catching signs of mental illness early and allowing your doctor the right to ask if you have a gun in your home.

    "I would say family of other people who are killed by violence would wish that question could be asked too and I often wonder the people who commit those acts if they wish that they could've been asked because maybe something could've been different," he said.

  2. "Should doctor's have the right when I go for a check up to ask me if I've got any guns in my house no I don't think that's none of their business," said Tenpenny.

    I have no problem lying to a doctor.

    next order of business.

    Make it a felony to lie to a Doctor.

    yeah, we're all criminals.
  3. Chris Tenpenny nailed it.:D

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    One unintended consequence of this could be that people who may need help from a psychologist or psychiatrist will avoid getting it out of fear of being put on a government list or having their guns confiscated.
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    Exactly, just another back door attempt at more government/gun control.
  6. I agree. It's one thing if someone has a valid psychiatric problem, although in that case, just asking them may not be sufficient. But to ask routinely, as some pediatricians do, is overstepping. It implies that there is something wrong about gun ownership.

    They also have this scary program where cops go into schools and lie to kids. Tell them that if mommy or daddy smoke pot they have an illness and it needs to be treated. Encourage the kids to rat out their parents, Soviet-style. Of course, when mommy and daddy are in jail and the kids are in some hellish foster care home, they realize the truth.

    No doubt they will start telling them now that if daddy has guns, he is endangering them and it would be better for everyone if the kids just tell the nice policeman where they are.

  7. Yes, this is very possible. We have seen how the legal profession has prostituted itself to liberal theology. It isn't a very big step to imagine the medical profession doing the same thing.

    Until relatively recently, the American Psychiatric Association listed homosexuality as a disorder. The presdient of the association whopushed for it to be removed has said he did so because of a concern for discrimination against homosexuals, not because he thoguht it was inaccurate. Now, we are close to having "homophobia", an entirely made-up condition intended to stigmatize a political and moral viewpoint, declared a disorder.

    We are right to be wary of mental health professionals. It's a shame because they could have prevented most of these mass shootings.

  8. Stay tuned as the academics are working on pedophilia next. I get the impression the the Sandusky case is going to get creative in his appeal.
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    Another potential consequence:

    Would requiring docs to inquire about guns make them liable if their gun owning patients do something illegal with said guns?

    Now if the doc is a shrink...that might be different.
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    simply question- simple amswer-NO
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