Should Charlie Gasparino be investigated?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Longhorns, Feb 29, 2008.

Should Charlie Gasparino be investigated?

  1. Yes- Something shady is going on

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  2. No- He's totally legit

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  1. Is Gaspariono using his position at CNBC to help big players manipulate their positions?

    Last friday at 3:29 he "breaks news" about an "imminent bailout of the bond insurers" that should be announced on "monday or tuesday". The news sent the market soaring.

    Well now it's one week later...still no fact today he says the bailout "hit some snags".

    Should he be investigated?
  2. Countless rumors come across Wall Street that aren't true. Many of them move markets. If anyone is to blame it would be the tv network/show and not the trader, they didn't do a fact check on it.
  3. If anybody should be investigated its the SEC for not doing enough investigating. The elimination of the uptick rule has
    made piling on a national sport -- it should be an Olympic event.
    It surely can't be helping ...and all they'd have to do is undo what they thought they were fixing but no.
  4. Full name: Charlie Garbage_rino

    The #1 crapp fabricater in CNBC building

    The con star of the week
  5. Charlie has fluffed ABK again. Lets see how high it gets chased.
  6. biloselhi


    why are you guys bashing Charlie ?
    he is the best guy at CNBC... very straight... very good reporting... always keeping up with current situation

    he may look mean and talk mean, but he is an honest guy.
    in all due respect you should listen to him and benefit

  7. long live retale traidor!!

  8. I like Gasbag-arino best.
  9. First of all, Rick santelli is the only person of value on that channel. Secondly, Charlie is more interested in getting his mug on TV than what is actually coming out of his mouth. These guys are legalized pump and dumpers.... no more no less.
  10. You chose that to be your first post, did you?
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