Should Bush be charged with Murder like the Marines?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by crackedback, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. If the situations in Iraq were a Compton hood robbery gone bad with a murder, the ones that arranged the robbery would be as culpable as those performing the act.

    Marines are being charged with murder.

    Shouldn't George, Dick and Rumsfeld be charged as well?

    Same basic theory of law. No?
  2. Wouldn't that apply to every single president that has taken us to war then? At least every war we went to where our own national security was not at risk. Should we have charged Kennedy because of My Lai (if he had not been assassinated)? How about Reagan for Grenada? Maybe we should charge Clinton for Yugoslavia. What business did we have going in there?

    If you ask Mahram, according to him, all Americans are responsible for what the Marines are being charged for because the Marines represent this country. Should we all be charged?

    Also, the invasion would have to be considered a crime in itself for your theory to hold water. The people in your above reference orchestrated a crime. This war is not deemed criminal. I take that back. It may be deemed criminal by you, but not by the UN or America at large.
  3. No.

    I would love to see charges of war crimes based on the entire war for Bush/Cheney/Rumsey, but no to charges on the basis of a few Marines going nuts....