Should Brandon Stay or Go

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Brandonf, Nov 3, 2002.

  1. m_c_a98


    Aphex, are you becoming depressed? with all that talk you have me worried. Lets put away those Nick Drake albums for the winter...

    Good luck everyone this week!

    It should be interesting.. overhead resistance to contend with, Fed, cisco..
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  2. TSaimoto

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    ... what kind of a analogy is that???

    So I'll take it further, Aphie...

    Let's forget about all the chores and responsibilities in society and do what ever we like. Let's go kill guys we hate, let's steal and eat what we like, let's rape a fine chick walking down the street!!!

    Who cares if we succeed in trading, we're just a little spec in the universe and no one cares about what we do in life!!! Screw them!!!

    For me...

    My life may not be worth much but for me, my life is worth everything there is.
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  3. Anyone who has ever looked in the mirror to check their appearance has "a touch of narcissism." :)

    Since Toni once said Brandon dresses "like a bum", he might not qualify actually. :D

    Looks like you have several pages of posts all saying stay. For the Gallup organization that is probably enough to qualify as the voice of the majority of Americans.

    I could understand deciding to bail if the posts bashing your existence contained cogent arguments. But they don' don't.

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  4. I vote stay

    Brandon you have some interesting insights

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  5. I see that there has been a rash of referendums on the value of certain posters on ET but one organized by the subject is certainly a first.

    Reminds me of that Clash song, "Should I Stay Or Should I Go?", but with a measure of self indulgence.
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  6. You're damn right I'm depressed. Monday is going to open and my MSFT puts are going to be worth absolutely nothing. This will be yet another time that I have gotten creamed from stupidity.

    I'm going to go now. I have something important I need to do.
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  7. LouieR



    I see no reason for you to go. In all of my interactions on Elitetrader, including a couple of your online seminars, I do not recall that you hyped your website to the point of being obnoxious. For what it is worth, in my opinion you have offered some great insights into how to make sense of this thing called "The Markets". While I am willing to consider almost any opinion or perspective, it is refreshing to run across somebody who has obviously given much thought to analysis of the market and is willing to discuss it in public and actually make sense!!! While I do not subscribe to your service, you have stated that you post your trades realtime. If that is true, that is putting your money where your mouth is (I hate dangling participles).

    For those of you who resent the success of the Trading From Main Street website or just feel like making the gripe de jour, Brandon and his partner, Toni Hanson produce a daily email at "no charge" that gives considerable graphic technical analysis of the markets, along with some thoughtful commentary. At no time have I ever been made to feel that I was getting my arm twisted to subscribe to anything that was not of interest to me. I appreciate the opinions and analysis that Brandon and Toni make available.

    Louie Rousseau
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  8. i showed you how to tie a noose right? :)
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  9. Hell, 100 days from now and Baron will have to buy a new server just for your message traffic.
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  10. I have an alternate suggestion, one that might just satisfy the pro's and con's.

    Why not just post under an alias? That way, you can still make your points, share your ideas, and keep your business separate from what goes on in the forum.

    If someone really likes what you are saying, you can have them PM you to discuss things.

    There is a very fine line between being helpful, and solicitation. It is human nature to want to help, based on our experiences, it is also human nature to want to bring in the business. It is a very slippery slope to maintain integrity when people you run into here at the forum could potentially increase the business you are involved in.

    This solution would allow you to run your business, not be accused of solicitation, and allow those who are naturally attracted to what you have to say to inquire privately.
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