Should Brandon Stay or Go

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Brandonf, Nov 3, 2002.

  1. Toni


    "I voted "no" but only because there was no third choice such as "Brandon should stay but contribute as a fellow trader and not as a vendor". "

    For what it's worth (if anything) Brandon has always been extremely active on the message boards... long before he ever ran a for fee service or ever had plans to do so. If anything... He contributes less to them from my observation because he has so many other things taking up his time now. Brandon is essentially an ultra-talkative and social guy, vendor or no...

    Take care,
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  2. m_c_a98


    Don't care what you do.

    Who are you and what are you selling, by the way? If you have a pay chatroom I think that's pretty slimey but hey, if you can't make money trading then you got to find some way to make it, right?....
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  3. NO - dont leave - you should stay.... i found your gap thread very insightful. thanks for the thread and other posts.
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    I'm really not sure if there is a thing called contribution in ET. I have a very inconsistant journal but it's merely for myself to refresh back old memories and lessons for my own discipline. I post crappy stuff and someone counters me with a thought and I straighten myself out.

    Technically, how much you post your trades, it won't help a losing trader because they already are one. It doesn't really matter because they are losing traders because they have the losing mentality and that can be only changed if they understand, accept and are willing to change it.

    I'm sure your methodology hold a great potential for success with a great edge. Still, you say you yourself having a hard time following them. More than all this crappy poll, maybe you should look into yourself more and do what serves "you" best.
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    If you have no idea who he is do you think you have earned the right to make assumptions? Why bother even voting?
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  7. and understandbly so, wouldn't you think? maybe you wouldn't.

    but because i can think of VERY FEW (none, in fact!) reasons why someone would ever want to share his trading methods with SO MANY people (we're talking hundreds if not thousands) i have to regard trading product vendors as full of shit hucksters who say all the right things but really can't trade for shit.

    now, that may not apply to you, and i hope it doesn't, but this really not a personal attack. you're probably a really nice guy etc etc hopefully you have enough smarts to realise the nature of the beast you're dealing with and thick enough skin to deal with the inevitable accustations that arise from it.

    now brando, the cynical side of me would even go as far as to call this new thread an attempt to garner sympathy; it follows the pattern of trying to deflect criticism from your journal by calling it "shameless self promotion" - rather than defend yourself and create a "me against them" situation. it's not a bad tactic at all. in fact, as a former used car salesman, i commend you on it :)

    i understand that you're between a rock and a hard place with guys like me, cos in my eyes it's almost as if you can do no right. but again, that's because i can think of no other profession where the "those who can do, those who can't teach" (or have something more to gain) saying rings true. thus far, i am yet to hear a good enough argument against it, and i doubt i ever will.

    having said all that, i don't think you should LEAVE. far from it. they way you've put the question makes it sound like the only reason people should post on ET is if they have trading advice to give. which is just plain bullshit. ET is somewhere u can come to talk anything trading - trades, events, market outlook, software, brokers, etc etc. from what i can recall, you tend to do very little of that, but still, you can feel free to post away. it's really only the more obvious attemtps like your journal that get to me.. but who cares, i can even live with that :)

    most of your posts are about some strategy you are using or something to do with your trading. in which case of course it seems obvious to me that it's just a veiled attempt at getting customers. "i've never tried to solicit anyone's business". oh wow. GREAT comeback - not! do you think we're all idiots here or something? naturally if you done it so obviously people everywhere would tell you to go screw yourself.
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  8. m_c_a98


    I didn't vote. my post was my vote.

    ah, what the hay..... stay buddy.
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  9. bronks


    It amuses me to no end that so many actually care what other people say or think. In fact it kind of smacks of a touch of narcissism. Boo-hoo, nobody loves me. Brandon, you're a trader not some sensitive artist. Who gives a shit what anyone thinks. Keep posting... or don't.
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  10. One hundred years from now, we'll all be dead and nobody will care what any of us thought. A few hundred million years from now, all life on Earth will be terminated. Cities will decay, rust and crumble and the only thing that will be left are a few plastic container buried deep within the Earth.

    Then a few billion years later, if anything does manage to survive on the Earth, the sun will most assuredly take care of that problem by creating a level 12 shockwave that will rip through this planet and leave nothing larger than a few big rocks that you could hold in your hand.

    Then, the Andromeda galaxy will eventually slam into our own galaxy (part of the local cluster of galaxies), and demolish most of the stuff in our own galaxy and any other civilizations that happen to be in our galaxy.

    So, coming back to the here and now, which will not last but a blink of an eye compared to the larger picture of time, I'd say you should pull up the chair, grab a beer and stay with us.

    Ignore the assholes on ET. A lot of people would love me to go -- but I say screw 'em.
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