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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Brandonf, Nov 3, 2002.

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    One thing I have learned in life is not to stick around where I am not welcome. Over the last hour or so I have been catching up on the discussions here on ET and the more I read the more it seems obvious it is that the most vocal members on ET resent my pressence here and would rather have it to themselves and see me leave. In the spirit of democracy and in honor of our upcoming mid term elections I want to put my continued contributions here to a vote. Should I stay, or should I go?

    Personelly I think my contribution here is generally positive. The majority of my posts cover specific trading applications and I feel that people can use it in their own trading. Yes, I do run a successful commercial site, but I have never forced anyone to join. We continue to grow dispite having no focused efforts on marketing. That can say whatever you want it to say. I dont think that the fact that I happen to run a site makes my contributions here less valuable then anyone elses, but maybe this is not the majority opinion. I rarely make a direct mention of my chatroom and I can not recall a single time in the last several months that I have directly solicited a member from ET either in public or private. I have gone out of my way to post info that I feel would be useful to people regardless of them ever joining my commercial service.

    I am not going to make a defense of what I do. Those who chose to disregard what I say, or not like me because I have something to sell, never will like me. There is nothing I can do to change their minds. I had though that by posting quality info here people's opinions would change, but obviously there are a number of people who simply resent anyone who has something to sell to traders.

    If the majority of people here think I dont offer anything useful then I will be on my way. I have no desire to to be in a place where I am not welcome. If the majority feels my contributions are positive and want me to stay, I would very much like to do that. If the majority want me to stay, then I will take some comfort from knowing that it is only a small group who will never think positively of me simply because of a choice I have made which has given me a lot of happyness and has been profitable as well.

    The choices are.

    Yes- I think Brandon should leave Elite Trader. He is just like all the other vendors out there praying on newbie's. Everyone would be better off with out him posting on ET.

    No- I don't think Brandon should leave Elite. Even though he is a vendor, I think his posts have been positive and he contributes to making Elite Trader a better place. I want him to keep posting.

    I will respect whatever the vote is.

  2. mgkrebs


    stay, butt werk on yer speling.
  3. I voted NO.

    I think you are a honest chap and I sincerely appreciate what you're posting. Even if you have a commercial site there is nothing wrong with it. if there is a commercial site that means that there is a demand for it and that people wants to learn...

    I bought so many books on trading and I learned a lot from some of them. Some were crap but others were real gems.

    Teaching trading to other people is a very generous thing but it is also a way for you to improve yourself. I recall giving a lot of courses on trading and learning a lot out of the questions of the public.

    I think that you do no need to be ashamed of what you do and on the contrary be very proud of your contributions.

    Good luck

  4. js1257


    You should stay but aphexhole should go.
  5. Everyone should stay ...
  6. Even hitman should come back; and I never liked him, but he was amusing ...
  7. tampa


    For whatever it's worth, I vote: NO
  8. mdmbud


    either way does not matter to me, but I think you should pay for advertising like all the other vendors. If we start having free post and promotion of a product by one person, then we are likely to see all them post. Although some may feel this is good, personally most of these advisory services are wasted space and their records show for it.

    In your automatic order and fill you offer, what is your track record on your calls? How do they sit in regards to the market?

    Besides, with the price you charge for your service, you should pay Barron something if you do stay, because the advertisers are who keep this board free and no one should get a free ride while promoting a service.

    Just my two cents....
  9. ddefina


    Stay. I also vote to bring Hitman back.
  10. Brandon,

    I voted "no" but only because there was no third choice such as "Brandon should stay but contribute as a fellow trader and not as a vendor".

    The no vote was earned because you don't shove your venture down people's throats. However... if the only reason you post is to plug (however low-key) then you should not IMO.

    Only your conscience will dictate whether or not you would stay under those conditions.

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