Should black rioters be deported from the UK?

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What should the UK do with them?

  1. deport them back to an African jungle

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  2. imprison them for 25 years and then deport them to a jungle

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  3. bring back the death penalty and execute them

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  1. In view of what they have done to our ally in the recent riots, what do YOU think?
  2. So far the vote is split between putting them out of their misery and sending them back to their jungle.
  3. pspr


    What about the white rioters? Deport them back to France? :D
  4. Well, it is unfortunate that they had to ingratiate themselves to the ringleaders. They must therefore pay a heavy price -- at least 20 hours community service.
  5. Ricter


    Ok, "at least 20 hours" community service for the black rioters as well. Make it 25, to reflect your bias.
  6. No, that's considered cruel and unusual punishment".
  7. Ireland
  8. Sky News: .... the International Olympic Committee is set to announce that looting will be a new event at the 2012 London Games.

    Go figure..:cool:
  9. At least with the LA riots, at the very least you can at least conclude that blacks felt civil rights have been trampled on.

    With these UK riots, its just all nonsensical bullshit.
  10. pspr


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