Should Baron change this forum's name to "Complain about IB"

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Port1385, Oct 24, 2008.

Should Baron change the name of this forum?

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  2. No

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  1. This forum always has some creative complaints about IB from IB scrutinizing people from Iraq to the clock time being 5 seconds off to IB stealing people's money. Should Baron change this forums name to "Complain about IB"?
  2. IB beat my wife, kicked my dog, stole all 4 wheels off my car, torched my house, converted my account to Zimbabwean dollars and set all my clocks to the Newfoundland Time Zone. If it wasn't for the API I'd change brokers.

  3. This forum is the single best source for IB executives to get un filtered feed back on their services.

    IB should be paying Baron a premium on their advertising since everyone recommends it to all the noobs that come on here.

    It's too bad the idiots at IB are now back in charge. The back fill is beginning to give trouble again.
  4. My favorite thread about IB is "Screwed by IB Tough Luck Dude". There was another one almost as good and that was something like "what now sue ib?".

    I think people get so creative in this forum about complaints against IB that its hilarious. Im not certain if they are just kidding at times.

    From the guys in shorts that screw around all day at IB headquarters not answering the phones to the other guys who discriminate against the guys in Iraq to believing your in a closed position and then to open up the TWS to find that your really short. Dont forget the famous video where IB is in the background.

    Where is that video? Here it is. I love it!

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  5. Excellent video.

    I think the title should be "Have a little girlish whinge about IB"

    Kiwi :)