Should Baron can the "Urgent Message from..." threads

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Port1385, Jun 24, 2008.

Should Baron can the "Urgent message from..." threads?

  1. Yes, can the threads.

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  2. No, keep the threads.

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  1. Come on, its getting ridiculous....
  2. Joe


    I changed the thread title. If there is another one, please let me know.

  3. Port1385

    Well one of the problems with censorship is that one can go too far....

    True the "Urgent" threads are sometimes silly. But then we can all just ignore the content. You can simply click and point somewhere else.

    and really what is the harm if people need the ego gratification and want to post their picks...Who among us really thinks these folks have any expertise to speak of....

    Really the issue is the trolls that populate the site...I think the main challenge is to develop a culture here of folks who want to learn about trading and are willing to communicate with each other with a little courtesy...I think once we find a way to get over that hurdle, we all benefit...Otherwise people who have expertise will stay away...For me, this is a last ditch thing. If we can't get it going in the next few months, I'll look for another place to hang my hat....and I think folks like you will too.

    I'll cast my vote to can the threads even though I don't think it will help much..

  4. On a related subject Port1385, we are trying to move a troll off the site.

    If you agree in principle please join us and ignore or simply do not reply to Trader28 and any alias. The list of his aliases is here on the Informational thread. So far we have 128 ET members who are agreeing to ignore the troll.


  5. LoL @ changing the Urgent Message part. Hahaha.

    My philosophy is if there is no interest the thread would fall off the first page. There seems to be legitimate discussions. Maybe it would make more sense if it was moved to the Journal forum though.
  6. The Urgent message from Rennick thread is not a legitimate discussion thread. Rennick gets on the thread daily posting calls from his closingtrnd website and then others join in making fun of the calls. Im not certain if there is a point to it anymore. Maybe this should be a journal. However, its not something that I believe the entire elitetrader crowd wants to see on a daily basis.

    I would say Rennick's thread is more akin to spam then a legitimate discussion or debate. What are we discussing? The daily calls from the closingtrnd website?

  7. Not that its a big deal, but what is the purpose of altering the name of a thread that is over 300 pages long with more than 160,000 views? Mr. Rowshwanz created a similiar named thread and acted like a jackass and made a fool of himself. Punish him, my thread has done nothing wrong. I use the term URGENT to emphasize that it is meant to be a time sensitive post. If you have a problem with me proving Intraday Timing works ( my part time mission) by relaying some forecasts from a service I use then close the thread. I take care to abide by your rules of never mentioning the name of the service. Do not censor the title of the thread because some Piker told you to. This is America, where free speech should be cherished, even if it is the internet.

    Rennick out:cool:
  8. Steve46, you wrote: "For me, this is a last ditch thing. If we can't get it going in the next few months, I'll look for another place to hang my hat." I have been here over six years, and you over five. When in that time was there EVER any quality posting? The best I can recall was by DBPhoenix, and you know what happened to him. I will admit that many of the truly smart people whose posting I treasured, like Nononsense, are gone, but their contribution IMO was more philosophical than mechanical. I can count on one hand the things I learned from posts that were truly worth a shit in trading.
  9. Leave the thread title as is - what is the point of removing ONE word ... when there are thousands more salacious in titles that pass by our noses every day.

    If you feel the need to censor, move it to journals, whatever.
  10. Joe


    Ok, point taken and switched it back. However after taking a quick peek at the thread, I noticed a lot of junk towards the end. Send me a PM of posts you want deleted from the thread.
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