Should bankers be rioting at the houses of the public?? :D

Discussion in 'Economics' started by spanish89, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. Aloha everyone, im just curious as to what everyone's views are about this... :cool:

    Since currently everyone blames the bank for giving out money to people, those people not paying that money back,
    the banks not getting their money back and so going bankrupt,
    and their bankruptcy scaring the public into thinking the world is coming to and end... :) :cool:

    (Was quite amusing and extremely profitable for everyone like me who ONLY sold the market from July to November.) :) lol

    However the even funnier yet almost saddening thing is that instead of the public 'blaming themselves and eachother for taking out money and not paying it back', and so attacking eachother and burning down the houses of the millions of people who maxed out creditcards....,
    The public has united and blamed the banks for 'making the public happy by offering them lots of money, instead of saying theres no creditcards available'.
    And so is rioting and attacking the banks buildings.

    Im just curious what everyone elses view is about this though and should the bank's managers standup for themself?? :)

    Or should they do what they are currently doing by just quitely taking all the blame and trying to slink along as quitely as possible till all the excitement dies down abit over the next few months,
    and they can then all do what they are currently planning to do and retire quitely with their millions of pounds savings and big houses, without the fear of their homes being vandalised.
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  3. Welcome to America.
  4. Have you actually ahd any rioting at banks in usa?? :cool: