should Augusta allow women members?

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  1. Ok, I have to admit, Im no left wing women's rights advocate but im wondering what every body else thinks about the masters and whether Hootie and the boys have a right to decide their members? We all know it's a private club so do you think they should be forced to accept women members? and if so, do you think this hurts or advances women's rights?

    while your at you think Tiger Woods should have to shoulder the cause of a woman (martha Burke) who started this big fiasco yet does not play golf herself?
  2. Hypothetical.

    Lets say I want to join the local women only workout club because it provided me with the opportunity to get some new poon-tang. I get denied because I'm male. Do I have the same complaint?

    Wasn't there a man that was going to sue the LPGA for the right to play on tour? Sound like the same type of situation.

    If Augusta want to be politically correct, then yes, they should admit a woman. This has no personal implications as I'll NEVER be a member at Augusta anyways, thus I don't spend much time thinking about the situation. I don't expect Augusta to budge much regarding admitting a woman.


  3. Only if they also accept Taliban members.
  4. I want to join the women's basketball league to...I'd be an awesome power forward in that league!..not much Poon thing there though, sorry cracked!.
  5. No and No.

    The bigger question should be, why is the media making a public issue out of a private dispute?
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    What woman in her right mind wants to join a "boys only club"......what man wants to join the local "women's club"???????
    I have not a clue!
  7. members of fringe groups do, because it gets media attention, which is the primary goal of fringe groups.

    it will come down to corporate sponsorship and tv advertisers - if they cave, so will the club.
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    Yes they have the Goddamn right to choose their members! It's their private club! If you don't like it, too bad. Its a free country
    Absolutely not! He is a goddamn golfer, not a political activist! Why do we insist that just because a guy can hit a ball or dunk a basketball that we should listen and follow his political views??? Its absurd! They didn't lift weights and pound balls on the range all of those years to become a political advocate.
  9. I applied for a waiter job at Hooter's and got turned down! Should I sue for discrimination?
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    If I am not mistaken, you get to the club on a publicly paid for road. I also believe that golf courses are taxed at a significantly lower rate than other property. With their property insurance they ask others to share in the liability.

    Just a few things that come to mind.

    They want to be a "private club", but like others to pay the freight.
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