Should all roads and highways be privatized???

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Should all roads and highways be privatized??

  1. The govt should be the only provider

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  2. Both govt and private sector to create balance

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  3. Better to have all roads and highways privatized

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  1. Hard to do... Pennsylvania tried to do this and it turned into a complete sh1tshow.
  2. What happened ???
  3. The article is a bitchfest. The ultimate objective is who is going to take my money. The liabilities would remain the same whether private money or gov't operated.
  4. You could say that, but if you have a car it does not matter.
  5. In my view, the best and simplest thing to do would be to raise the gasoline taxes. You could raise money to rebuild the roads and you would help the environment since the tax would discourage excessive carbon emissions. You'd help the economy since it would discourage money being sent out of the country for oil imports.

    Unfortunately the majority of voters can't think beyond the price of a tankful of gas so it will never happen.
  6. Gas taxes are supposed to pay for road funding. Tolls should be eliminated and covered by gas taxes. Not impressed with the double taxation to drive over a bridge or a certain road.
  7. Gas taxes should be immense - make gas go back to $4 a gallon.
    The proceeds can go to:

    1) improving & encouraging public transportation
    2) streamlining places where traffic slows to a crawl (it still amazes me how there are intersections that take 8 minutes to get through, such as near to me.) That is a LOT of idling and wasted time.
    3) providing a basic insurance, which takes away some of the uninsured motorist problem, and would fall more heavily on people who drive more, drive bigger (more dangerous to others) vehicles, etc.
    4) encouraging people to switch to energy-saving vehicles (hybrids, etc.)
    5) alternative energy research, etc.
    5) more expensive driving reduces our imported oil needs, etc....
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