Should all drugs be legalized in the United States

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Should all drugs be legal

  1. Yes, all of them.

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  2. Just the soft drugs like marijuana

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  3. No, we dont need any more junkies in the US

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  4. fact we should make cigarettes and alcohol illegal!

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  1. When I say all drugs, I mean all the hard & soft drugs that are illegal now. Marijuana, heroin, cocaine, meth, LSD ect. After seeing that large majority of people that want prostitution legal in the other thread, lets just see how far we want this country to go down that road of destruction.
  2. I think all those things should be banned. You forget the suffering that goes into making those things and the killings over rackets. The fall out from the drugs is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Do you want to pay criminals to become more powerful.
  3. Exactly. If the drugs were legalized, then the criminals would no longer have any power. Modern, safe production facilities would be erected to produce and little to no suffering(besides the usual of having to suffer through a long work day) would be created in production. Just as there is no suffering in distileries or tobacco factories today. No mules swallowing baloons of cocaine as legal and regulated trade would occur. The price of drugs (all now clean and inspected like meat or alcohol) would plumet, allowing all the hard core addicts who just couldn't quit the opportunity to at least make enough money to support their habbit without theft or robbery. Don't see too many alcohoic robbing or stealing for booze do you? Nope, because it doesn't take that much money to get a couple 40s at the gas station. Hell, most of them would rather just work a regular job and spend their earnings on booze.... It wouldn't be much different with drugs if they were legalized. Amsterdam and Barcelona are proof.

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    All of the killing only happens because it has been pushed into the dark, how many people have you seen going around and murdering people for things such as tobacco and alcohol?

    If it was legal all that stuff would disappear, because the margins would come down on it due to it not being illegal.
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    Weird i said the exact same thing as you before i saw it. :)

  6. i think they should ban painkillers.
    i mean live with it!

    i think they should ban anti-depressants.
    Get over it already!

    i think they should ban statins.
    Quit eating meat!
  7. Go down to any bar in any city in America. You will see violence almost every night. I imagine that more than a few people were drunk when they murdered someone, or committed a different violent crime.

    There is not much violence around tobacco so I will give you that, but there isnt really any significant high to it, is there? No more than the same high a kid gets when eatting candy. Although cigarettes do kill, dont they with cancer, so cant say that life is all peaches & cream with the legalization of it.
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    If it means one can dope up without creating victims (excluding himself) to support his habit, or if it means it's no longer a lucrative enough industry to encourage hooking young kids on corners, or if it means using billions of war-on-drugs tax dollars for other needs like healthcare for the needy, and so on...

    On the other hand, if made legal one should be prepared to be denied certain services or pay more for them because of drug abuse related health issues, and denied certain privileges such as driving if abusing such freedoms behind the wheel. Abuse would need to be defined as usage having a direct impact on the health or safety of others. I'm not opposed if legalization results in fewer victims (excluding the user). How many potential users of illegal substances don't use because it's illegal? Be honest with that question.

    I also believe if made legal, educating the young about the various health related issues (including pictures) should be mandatory as early as the 1st and 2nd grades.

    Speaking of road to destruction....have you been to the inner city lately? What do you think the catalyst for all that violence is?
  9. ya a powerpoint presentation always makes a big impact with the kids :D
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    Maybe you should stop selling it burger boy.
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