Should adult prostitution be legalized in the United States

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Should ADULT prostitution be legalized in the United States? Vote in poll

  1. Yes, ADULT prostitution should be legalized.

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  2. No, ADULT prostitution should not be legalized.

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  1. In other threads, I have openly supported the trade of prostitution. I believe it should be legalized and even pointed out a few key destinations like Brazil, Canada, Thailand, Dubai, etc. where the trade is tolerated.

    I believe most people on this board supported me. A few came out and openly supported me while some quietly supported me. There were a few that blasted me even stating that I traveled to these destinations to be with slaves or children which is totally and completely false...baseless. My definition of prostitution only includes ADULTS... women 18 years old and up.

    So I ask of you believe ADULT prostitution should be legalized in the United States? This is an anonymous poll so your handle won't show which side you voted for.
  2. I vote that we start with the Congress.
  3. Yes! It would be cleaner and safer than it is now. Of course this would require us, as a nation, to get past our 17th century Puritan minded bullshit. We won't, so it won't happen.
    I currently have no need for a prostitue, but hey, ya' never know.:eek: I don't drink alcohol either, but I don't expect the world to go dry just because I am.
  4. As a libertarian it's a no brainer just like this phony war on drugs BS.

    There is no compelling reason for illegalization.

    Adults are adults people rent/sell their bodies/time constantly without a peep from the myopic authoritarians.
  5. It should be legal.

    I liked Arthur's response, though. Except that Congress already is a paid whore.
  6. In my opinion, there is no difference between a prostitute and a woman that sleeps with a man that she is not married to. I mean whats the difference really? The fact that cash changed hands? A woman that sleeps with a guy for fun gets pleasure right away. A prostitute gets pleasure later when she is spending the money. Thats the difference which is negligible at best.

    But dont get me wrong...this doesnt mean i think prostitution should be legal. Legalized prostitution in an area will increase the amount of women who are trafficked for that reason. Any country where prostitution is legal will have, somewhere in that area, children that are trafficked for prostitution.

    It will also decay the morals of that society and breakdown the family unit. (although this is the united states which is pretty much already there)

    I say let prostitutes and johns keep their immorality in secret. Consider the fines you pay for getting caught a tax. Besides, if prostitution was legal, you would pay extra because of taxes anyway so what does it matter if its legal or not? 90% of american girls sleep with a guy on the first date, so why do we even need prostitution to be legal here?
  7. jem


    Considering how much we work and how much the govt takes of that work... we are all prostitutes.
  8. 1) 8-3.
    2) If governments become desperate for money, they will be more amenable to implementing it. :) :(
  9. It'd be different if the government were getting rich, taxing the populace but did ya notice, they're actually in debt. So, whose got all the money? Its the pimp you should be after since the working girl is only trying to survive. Try to observe further than the end of your nose or what feels good.
  10. I think it should be legalized, but regulated like alcohol is presently. For example...

    - takes place out of licensed establishments that are away from places where children might congregate like schools and away from urban centers. Nevada places its brothels in places far removed from Las Vegas. In Nevada, to get to the brothels its usually a drive.

    - no alcohol/drugs/etc. allowed

    - 21 and over for both the prostitutes and patrons

    - prostitutes are licensed and tested every 3 weeks for the usual social diseases.

    - condoms mandatory

    Usually prostitution is associated with other crimes such as illegal drug usage. By placing regulated and licensed brothels in each state set away from children and urban centers then it will be a money maker as well as take crime away from the urban centers. No more red light districts. Illicit drug usage will decline. Spread of social disease would decline as the prostitutes would be tested and it would be mandatory to use condoms. It can also be taxed and used as a source of revenue.
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