Should a president resign?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by minimi, May 6, 2003.

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    Should a president resign if the House votes against a major proposal of the president's? Excuse me for not being familiar with the U.S politics. Thanks.
  2. No.
  3. No. In our system it is possible and indeed common for either or both houses of congress to be controlled by the opposition party. They live to frustrate his policies.
  4. A more important question is whether there are any procedures in place to prevent a leader who has gone bonkers from making
    irrational decisions.

    I guess there aren't so we all, including the atheists, need to constantly and fervently pray for the leader's good mental health.
    (If that doesn't help at least it may have the effect that it makes us sleep better)

    What for example is there to stop a leader, suffering from a physical ailment which deprives him from being able to think rationally, to push the nuclear button ?

    There is plenty of evidence in history where leaders have gone off the rail and committed insane acts.

  5. Essentially none. Reagan's brain was being addled by alzheimer's, and he joked about pushing the nuclear button. And Americans called him a great leader.

    King George III supposedly suffered from a serious mental illness 200 years ago. We revolted against him. (He didn't even speak English!)

    Well, now we have a mentally deficient King George willing to seriously jam his finger into the nuclear button, and again of course Americans want to call him a great leader.

    Yes, even us atheists can cry out "God Save us from The King".
  6. amen to that, brother...
  7. 25'th Amendment