Should a non-white business be able to refuse to serve KKK or neo-Nazis?

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  1. Should a business owned by a card-carrying NAACP member, Asian, Latino etc be able to refuse to serve a KKK white-power neo-nazi skinhead with various racial insults tattoed on his body and printed on his clothing.
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    You mean here in the US, where money and the free market are the principal gods?
  3. Sony Barger filed dozens of lawsuits against bars who refused to serve Hells Angels who were wearing their "colors" and won.
  4. Calgary is in the US now?? LOL!!!!!!!!!

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    ANY privately owned business should be able to refuse sales or service to ANYONE they want.
  6. Exactly!
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    That was the classic liberalism of our founders..

    This following the current commie-liberalism...

    Any privately owned business except one owned by white God fearing male.
  8. end of discussion
  9. Hatemongers should not have to be tolerated by anyone. Implicitly equating hatemongers with race, in an effort to defend Rand Paul's vacuity, is utterly obtuse and beyond stupid.
  10. There's nothing vacuous about Paul's position: Racism is wrong, forcing private business owners to do business how you want to them to, and with whom you want them to is also wrong. Two wrongs don't make a right.

    What is vacuous about that?

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