Shot PCX at this very moment.

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by mark2, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. mark2


    Just did (short) it.. and watch for taking profit in 20 mins.
  2. mark2


    Take profit now! If you are greedy, move out 50% of your profit and trail down the stop to123.75
  3. mark2


    And Also get ready to get back in to long it for another 20 mins or so... opportunity may pop up anytime from now...
  4. mark2


    Close all Short position.
  5. mark2


    Nice further dip.. too bad (but no regret) positons are closed...

    Now looking for opportunity to get back in for long.. It should be coming soon...
  6. bespoke


    I saw your prints. 1 share at 123.00 and 1 share at 122.50

    just kidding

    Nice trades. Just went long at 122.00. Looking to get out soon
  7. mark2


    Good for you. You should have been captured the long profit at $124 for that round right?

    You could also do a follow up short at 123.5 all the way to $121.5 Then done for the day.. around 2:30pm.
  8. shorting stocks that I recommend typically ends in failure for most people. Short crap like airlines, retail, autos instead.
  9. Post: how about airlines, or truckers, or drug stocks, o
    Preview: how about airlines, or truckers, or drug stocks, or auto stocks, or bio tech, radio/advertising stocks...Thats 6 off the top of my head were the big money was made on long term shorts. You 2 are so easy...
    Posted on 6/1....I swear you are trying to steal things, but you are way too dumb!