Shortsellers are moving: C default within weeks

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    Looks like shortsellers in GM moved to C today. They even don't pay the tiny million dollar sums to the executives. Looks like extremely cash shortages. Prepare for bankruptcy within weeks.

    Be careful also with regard to Interactive Brokers. Looks like it's gonna bust simultaneously with the FDIC bust. You might not gain anything back from your deposits (guaranteed by the near to default Citigroup and backed up by FDIC).
  2. Okay, buddy.

    Read the whole article, it's not that they don't have the funds.


    I read the whole article. But everybody wants to repay TARP to access the higher bonuses. And Citigroup still wants to cut them. Strange.

    I was right on the GM default months and months ago.

    I will be right on the default of the old American Banks: C, BAC and BK.
    Those old American Banks were too big to survive like the dinosaurs. But first of all Keycorp may destruct the FDIC last reserves.
  4. FBI did you hear this?
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    BAC is sure raising a lot of cash to be going bankrupt. Did you tell Sheila about this?
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    You do realize that the FDIC has a $500 Billion LOC right, and that if any serious shit were to go down it would essentially be an unlimited line.

    As far as C and BAC going under it may happen if the political climate changes and they can't come up with ways of hiding/deferring the losses but I doubt it will be this year.
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    Bear and leh did not have joe sick pack accounts. Look what happened to wb. That is what will happen to C if it goes, a take under, split up the parts. It wouldn't shock me but no bk. That would shock me