Shorts got gamed

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  1. Again...


    "A conspiracy theorist would have a good time parsing these numbers: A weak jobs report in August prompted a larger-than-expected Fed rate cut, the market rallied, and the data are revised to show that things didn’t look all that awful after all. How terribly convenient — oh, by the way, let’s buy some stocks."

    Almost everyday now my thoughts turn further towards believing the majority of the market is rigged.
  2. "Almost everyday now my thoughts turn further towards believing the majority of the market is rigged"

    Now what. (As in what do we do now?)
  3. The market is not rigged...
    It's just a random system...
    (Except for RAMPANT insider trading)...
    And no one can predict anything.

    The vertically integrated Securities Industry...
    Which INCLUDES the entire business media and sites like ET...
    Has only ONE purpose to exist...
    And that is to take your money.

    No one is your "friend".

    If you are not practicing some form of market neutral arbitrage...
    Then you are a pathetic dupe.
  4. You'll find in foreign countries, people don't trust gov't figures and #'s as do the sheeple here in the states. The assumption is the US is about transparency and ethics. Boy did, Enron, subprime, sarbanes oxley show what really goes on in the United Snakes of Amerikwa.


    Sub-prime issues are behind us. Housing has bottomed and due to resume the recent ramp any time now. Fed's cutting rates with Dow and S&P indexes at all-time numerical (not USD values) highs.

    Market's always climb a wall of worry. The higher that wall, the higher stocks will ascend.

  6. Nobody should worry about housing and foreclosures. Even Bush says he will offer personal counseling services to those who having trouble or bout to lose home. U.S. about tender loving care..

  7. Nutmeg your question has me thinking, thank you.
  8. Actually, there was transparency in Enron, people just chose not to look there.

    Enron "schooled" their balance sheets and income statements. The cash flow statements on the other hand told the truth. Nobody should have been fooled by Enron. It was out of pure irrationality and laziness that so many investors fell for "scam".
  9. Yes, but you can't hide the fact that they deceived on so many levels. Yes, balance sheets were surgically altered, Yes, Enron later admittted to having created vast numbers of subaccounts, and entities named after Star Wars characters to hide losses. And yes, these practices still exist in the 'kwa.

    You must be certain that everyone can see beyond the lies to not fall for "scam". Lies, nonetheless.

    Point is the sheeple of the 'kwa assume truth in #'s. That is quickly fading.. Nobody wants dollahs anymo.

  10. I'm sure they were saying the same thing in August 1971, and in March 1968, about no one wanting dollars. Yet here we are 30 some odd years later, and the dollar is still the reserve currency.
    It will probably still be so 30 years from now. Trade the currency and credit crises for the profit they bring, certainly. But indulging in doom and gloom for what amounts to a lifetime is, well, self-indulgent.
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