Shorts carried out on stretchers, game over

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by stock777, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. done
  2. Dow 14k magnet effect is back?
  3. anyone have a clue wtf just happened?

    massive up day out of the blue

    some saying its shorts getting a new sphincter installed.
  4. Underinvested mutual fund jockies playing catch up?
  5. john12


    shorts no longer exist as they've all been destroyed to no end
  6. They still do. I was short today and I am still around 20 positions short. I am down $15K for today... Around $40K for the week
  7. john12


    give it a week or so and you'll be insolvent being short
  8. The financials still look shaky at best
  9. Are these guys even licensed? I was short overnight and the follow thru was enough for me. Always honor your stops, shoulda woulda, coulda is better than being homeless!! :)
  10. reversed and short on the close. =]p
    #10     Jul 12, 2007