Shorts blindsided today. Market turn or burn?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by stock777, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. Rally came out of nowhere. Fakeout possible.
  2. Serious verticalism

    Shorts not amused
  3. Day 2, shorts still not amused.
  4. ba1


    Short sellers' "buying opportunity" near/at close? Fade and trade.
  5. Long is NOT wrong.
  6. indexer


    Even a skunk can't make a cent today.
  7. ed_berk


    where is stock_trdr? as soon as he is flooding ET with screaming convictions of LONG LONG LONG, the top will be in
  8. h&s players now missing their own heads
  9. Shorts were given ample time to get out of the way. Now the margin dept will help them.
  10. Any questions?

    1st directional call in months and I was 110% (adjusted for inflation) correct.

    I'd post on that lame ass twitter, but then someone might actually trade my calls and make more $ than me.
    #10     Jul 15, 2009