Shorts Beware the surprize cut

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  1. Guys I know many of the bears are very pumped up for tomorrow I would only say beware a surprize cut by the fed as they look to smoke your arses for being very bad and selling the market.
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  3. The more people that bank on an intermeeting cut and it doesn't happen, the more downside is possible.

    The August surprise was not anticipated, this one is.

    It can happen though. Maybe longs best friend Jim Cramer will start pounding the table and get what they want.

    Let the bears at least juice some more downside tomorrow morning...

    I do think if you are heavily weighted short, you should hedge with some upside protection in case of a sneak attack by FED donkeys.
  4. I agree, there will be a sneak attack against bears by the Fed. Too many people bet on the bearish side, and that is generally bullish.

    Time to move to the precious metal sectors. Gold, Silver, Palladium, Platinum, Tellurium. Anything that is related to resources are bullish.

  5. BEARS have been singing their songs so loud that you can hear them for miles. There is so much negative talk and this constant fear of recession as if the world will end tomorrow.

    With a surprise rate cut from Feds, it will hand them down their asses. Most likely pre-market Friday expiration...
  6. No capitulation yet. Not even close. Capitulation was October of 02.

    Some margin calls, though.

  7. FCX, PCU, GLD, AUY, GOLD, SLV and all those will rocket if the Feds cut 1/2 point
  8. guys, keep cool, it's just a 15% to 20% normal market correction
  9. Rate cuts won't get rid of underlying problems and fears. Fears are growing faster than ever. Rate cuts will only make things worse.. Need positive news...only don't where it's gonna come from???
  10. 1. Surprise or no surprise, the cut is already baked in.

    2. Cuts have not helped thus far.

    3. If anything, a surprise will cause the market to sell further due to panic.
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