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  1. I thought I read somewher ethat you ar enot to short stock or you would be breaking the rules, IS this true or NOT.

    What I mean by shorting..

    I buy stock 1000 shares of ABC@ 10.25 then 15 minutes later sell it @ 10.00

    Is this allowed?
  2. Let me clarify more..

    I understand there is a Uptick rule or zero tick rule. Can someone give more details on this, I have no way to tell a uptick or zero tick since my trading platform only shows 100 tick as the smallest?
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    If you buy a 1000 share of ABC and sell 15 min you are not shorting....

    Shorting is when you sell a stock you don't have and try and buy it back for less then you sold it for....

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    Nobody replied because it's a waste of resources here.

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  5. Oh yeah like Im burning a hole in your pocket..If you dont have a way to respond to the question at hand then justy move on.

    Oh and the threads are about differnt questions also
  6. and what resource might that be?
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    I have three suggestions.

    1. Learn to use the spellcheck function.
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  8. buying now and selling 5 minutes later is called daytrading, not shorting :D

    shorting is when you bet on the stock falling, so you borrow the shares (theoritically) you'll get -1000 of the stock @ $25.00

    And then the stock drops to $24.00

    You buy to cover +1000 shares back @ $1 profit

    $1000 profit.
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  10. Cool web i understand that but what about the uptick, is that in effedt ?

    As far as the rest that repy with search , maybe you should use that feature to move on.. If you cant or dont want to supply a answer MR know it alls then MOVE ON.

    I think Mr Nimmbopoop got shorted recently/
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