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  1. it seems that this is as important as being long in daytrading. can anyone explain how much it plays in your daily trading? based on my initial buys, i would have done better shorting.
  2. vitally important..

    learn to do both..

    they're not mirror images, don't treat them as such..
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    Shorting plays a large part of the daily stream and doing it properly takes a lot of practice to get your exact fills and no trades that zing right buy because you have missed out on the uptick. Still learning but things are getting better all the time. Strange enough I find shorting easier at times than going long. Especially when things get stretched past the bollinger bands and a nice snap back is immenent.

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    For the majority of trading you need to be as comfortable going short as going long, but as previously mentioned they're not a mirror image of one another. My curiosity was piqued so I checked back over the last 4 months to see what percentage of my trades were shorts (I don't give it a second thought during the trading day): Oct 43%, Nov 53%, Dec 55%, Jan 68%.
  5. if you find shorting is hard to do because of that stupid down tick rule and you dont want to spend money on a married put, try buying into the short cover

    its way easier to see, especially on a decently strong day

    plus you only have to think in one direction