Shorting with J-Trader

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by BStrader, Jul 31, 2003.

  1. BStrader


    Im newbe with J-Trader,so appologize for my stupid question but can anyone plaease tell me how shorting and short cover with J-Trader????
    Most online brokerages have a check box or button that says "short sale" and "buy to cover." but J-Trader havent.

    And also,if you know about any interesting link for features for this soft.,please post it.
    Thank you.:confused: :eek: :cool:
  2. Hubert


    this is how i do it ....
    1. first take all tickrt confirms ie (safeties off)

    2. add but make it a dual line view

    3. hit bid or ask depending which way you want to go


    p.s. for a market order hit the volume for a limit hit the price

    hope it helps
  3. flysr71


    You can also use the dome, check in the flatten box and select the price.
  4. Quah


    There is nothing special required to "short" with JTrader - just sell when you want to short, and buy when you want to cover.
  5. BStrader


    Thanks to all,u´re right.I wondering how easy this,and the DOME is excellent!:D :cool:
  6. Any way to do stop limit orders off DOME? Jtrader is PIA sometimes having to have multiple windows open.
  7. What is this dome thingy? I use J-trader and never noticed it. I don't like all the multiple windows either.
  8. H2O


    Dome is an easy and fast(er) orde entry system within J-Trader
    You can bring it up like this (If I remember well, I don't use J-Trader now)

    On your quote page, select the instrument you want to trade.
    On the bottom of the screen there's a button, "DOME"
    If you press this, there's a new window popping up which is the Dome order entry.

    You can enter orders by clicking on the price ladder. Buy orders are entered on the blue side / sell on the red.
    You can enter orders by clicking on the price you see on the price ladder.

    Hope this helps
  9. flysr71


    A stop limit cannot be placed on the DOME(Depth of Market Executor). A stop can be placed on the DOME but it will be hidden and held at your PC.