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    Does anybody know how many shares of each stock from IB's short list are available to sell short?

    And why there's no "hot key" to sell short order in TWS?

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  2. I'm not sure as far as the actual number of shares of each stock available for shorting, but as far as a hotkey for shorting, you should have no problem setting that up, since it's just a sell order. Just pick the key you want to be your sell order, set it and when you bring up a stock you want to short, just hit the hotkey and then your transmit hotkey and there you go.
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    Where is the short list posted?
    I saw it one time long ago but I can't remember how to get to it.
    How come IB doesn't let you short KKD?
    Is it just IB or all brokerages?
  4. Majority of brokers didn't have any shares available for KKD.

    it's that heavily shorted.....

    now that it has split most brokers haven't updated thier software to allow it.

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    For IB's short list:

    Homepage>Toolbox>List of shortable stocks.

  7. I just signed up for IB. Might anyone know if IB allows you to "press the bid" when shorting? By that I mean the software will automatically refresh your short offer to be the best inside bid all the way down to a prespecified limit until either (1) your short order is filled or (2) the best inside offer drops below the specified limit.

    For comparison, I'm told by an acquaintance who uses RT3 and Executioner that he can do this.
  8. good question about pressing the bid. i'd like to know as well.
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    Norkse Trader,
    I'd have to confirm this but I'm pretty sure if you place a limit order to sell, say at 98 and the stock is 100, the order will keep looking for an uptick as long as the stock is above 98.
  10. Thanks, Def. I hope you're right. That would make the process of getting fills on shorts much, much easier.
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