Shorting WalMart for moral reasons - employees getting killed by shoppers

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Port1385, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. Its time to open a short on Walmart for moral reasons. I have no doubt Walmart will get slammed back into the 40s.

    Innocent employees getting killed by angry crowds. This isnt the first time Walmart has treated its employees like this and it wont be the last. Its time to open up a short at the open to protest the treatment of Walmart employees.

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  2. Div_Arb


    Great idea - short the strongest stock in the S&P 500. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, my friend.

    You'll get some leg tonite for sure! Tell us how you do!
  3. It's just SAD that people would rush madly into any store, let alone WAL-MART. I know this country is full of morons, but...
  4. Mvic


    ? While the incident is a sad commentary on our society I question the logic behind your trade idea. It would seem to me that the last retailer one should short is the one that people will literally kill to shop at!
  5. Walmart is not in an uptrend. Right now its forming a nice triangle on the chart and will bust down through it in good time when the SnP takes another dump. Right now, its being buoyed artificially by talk of bailouts and Obama. It cant hold up forever.

    There really wasnt that many people out and about in the NYC area this week despite tales of ET traders seeing large crowds. Walmart will fall to 40.

    This video is just one more bit of bad publicity. Would you want to run down to Walmart after seeing this?
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    I don't understand all the backlash against Wal-Mart ( for this incident ).

    It boggles my mind that people would camp outside a wal-mart in the 1st place & then stampede to get in?? :confused:

    I was watching the late news Thanksgiving night & in my area a local mall opens at midnight. Cars were backed up for miles waiting to get a space. They were interviewing some of the idiots shopping & a group of friends said they waited for 4 hours, one of them bought a Xbox360 game for himself & the other 3 were empty handed.

    Everyone that waits in line to shop on black friday should be sterilized if not euthanized imo
  7. Walmart's reign won't last forever. Just as GM's didn't.

    What will happen to Walmart when the Chinese are no longer willing to manufacture our junk for little pay?

    Do they find some other shitty country to exploit?
  8. #1 - This incident will probably have no bearing on the stock. Trade at your own risk.

    #2 - How is this Wal-Mart's fault that these idiots broke through the door and killed an employee??????????

    Short the customers instead.
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    You go girl!
  10. Hiring some security for crowd control would have been prudent. Ten guards for 8 hours, at 8 bucks an hour, probably 12 charged to the security firm would have cost less than a thousand bucks. I'm sure the lawsuit will be a substantially higher figure.
    All that said, not good reasons to short it, but a damn good reason not to shop there. One of many!
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