Shorting Venezuela

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Robert Weinstein, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. I would like to find some Venezuela ADRs or ETFs that I can short and cant find any. Would also be willing to short the currency but that doesn't appear to be traded on the market either. I use IB for a broker so I really want something that can be traded with IB

    This is something that I have looked at on and off for about a year now and thought I would ask for some other ideas on how to position a short in the Venezuela economy in general.

    I know that there are those in this site that believe in socialism and think whats going on in Venezuela is a good thing. I just don't agree and I feel strongly that the free market overall does a better job of allocating limited resources better than the government can. As a result it appears to me that Venezuela is on a path of lower wealth and greater social unrest as the government runs out of things of value to steal to keep the game going.

    If you can offer suggestions on stocks that may be of interest great.

    If you inclined to tell me how bad the free market is and how great it is when the government runs things then save your comments and sit back and see how Venezuela turns out in the next five years. It won't take long to see how great they are doing especially if more private assets become part of the government.
  2. Why don't you buy EDZ. This is inverse emerging markets leveraged 3x. At this point, you can short any country, then you'll be fine and profit.