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  1. This is a popular and with a couple caveats successful long term trade for many, as inevitably it reverse splits every year or two, even now that it’s at 1.5 volatility instead of 2. All that staid, I wonder if it’s a good idea never to close the trade, even after one, or two reverse splits. The idea would be to let it slowly dissolve, and avoiding closing, which is a taxable event. Of course all the other short risks exist, getting called away, for exampl4, could negate this but I was just wonder if instead of closing a short UVXY position just letting it run.
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    That’s what Seth Golden is doing. He always has a portion of portfolio sitting in long-term UVXY shorts. Then adds to those as needed.
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    If UVXY is hard to borrow then the borrowing fee will have to be calculated to see how much net gain is.
  4. Ok, I guess what I am wondering is, theoretically, could one say short 100 shares of UVXY and never voluntarily cover and, unless called away, never pay capital gains?
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  6. i sold put uvxy 28 today
  7. UVXY went up 1300% in March. How much of your capital could you allocate to this strategy without being forced to cover at the highs?
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    Make sure you hedge otherwise this could happen: XIV was the same type of instrument as UVXY.
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  10. 10, maybe 20 percent with a far out of the money short call as a black swan/disaster hedge.
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