Shorting US bonds

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  2. You're confused. By definition 'catalysts' are not ignored by the market. If the market doesn't react to a catalyst, then it is not a catalyst.

    The fundamental factors (excess liquidity, high real inflation) are often ignored for extended periods.

    I think you would agree it may take some catalyst to wake the market up to the underlying factors which you've already discussed. At least a catalyst will hasten recognition ...

    My point was a Bush appointment of Greenspan's successor, i.e. reduced relative confidence in the Fed's governorship, could prove a big time catalyst.
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  3. I don't have anything to add beyond the chart. I said two weeks 'cause when I posted we were experiencing some upside momentum that did correspond w/ seasonal strength. Obviously today we had a nice reversal ...
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    Someone knows a site with good information on Bond futures, like Chepest to deliver, basis, intraday news, etc.?
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  7. There's an old saying that technical traders don't make money because they don't believe their own charts. I've been doing that a lot lately. Should have gone long bonds on my last signal.
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    This author expects short rates to top around 2.75% for 2005. This versus the popular estimate of 3.5%

    I would tend to agree, since Fed just raised at a baby-step of 0.25% despite "hawkish" FOMC minutes about concerns over asset bubbles and tight spreads, which led some to believe they'd get more serious about it (start 0.5% hikes).

    So, Fed could stop its tightening at very low levels (under 3% STIRs), which correlates well with the theory that US actually has no intention to fight inflation and that US will try to inflate away a large portion of its debt.
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  10. This has ended up an almost perfect call for shorting the current fall in note prices. Guess nobody else on ET is shorting notes .... certainly must be a good sign.
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