Shorting the TVIX

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by CodeX, Sep 22, 2011.

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    Hi Guys,

    So what are your thoughts about shorting the TVIX on Friday?

    It does look like it's going to test it's thursday highs and probably 1 year high at 85 at market open then pull back later in the day and i expect it to stabilize just before market close.

    The action and reaction (impact) of the worst of news should have already been absorbed by the market this week and next week the greece debt problems will resurface but after all the global economic problems one might assume that the world leaders will come out with a fairly positive solution which would restore a temporary positive vibe into the world markets.

    If this scenario drawn up works, then the TVIX will correct at least 10$ (that's what it had been doing in the last two corrections) or until 65which is the first major short term support point.

    Or do you think we'll see the TVIX flying into the 90 and 100 levels causing havoc to our portfolios (if we go short now) before it starts correcting who knows when. If that's your stand then would you care to explain why? Are there any anticipated news and reports comnig out next week which will impact the markets apart from the greece debt problem.

    If you notice all my post is built on assumptions (ifs and might....)and little technical analysis pieces. Just a gutt feeling

    What's your take on that?
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    hmmm, posted this in the wrong section. Sorry about that....