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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by syd697, Mar 11, 2004.

  1. syd697


    Is there a "fastest" way to get filled on a potential short sale with TWS (or any platform for that matter)? I route my short orders thru SMART as a limit order and it always takes forever to get filled. I know about the uptick rule but I'm always seeing bids come up thru my offer AND trade higher, but still no fill. This usually happens on my small lot trades - 75 shares. Could the size of sub-100 lot be the reason? Thanks, anyone?
  2. rwk


    Some ECNs will not accept odd lot orders, so you are limiting your broker's choices. With Nasdaq stocks (and eventually with listed stocks too), all you can do to get short is send an offer. Somebody will take your stock or they won't. On Nasdaq, you will see people trading at or above your price. Some of those trades may have taken place earlier off-exchange. There is nothing you or your broker can do to improve fills. That's the nature of the uptick rule, and it is likely to be around a while longer. Have you considered trading futures, options, ETFs, or SSFs?

  3. havent heard alot of good about IB
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    IB's tech support is uneven -- some good, some bad. Their commmission rates are pretty good. Mostly I like their API.
  5. Bob111


    can be plenty of reasons including those you mentioned above.
    and there is no real solution as far as i know,since i struggle with same problem for long time. it all in MM's hands. i put in file all t&s from TWS and review all of them from time to time. plenty of BS there. you can be best seller, bid was up,but behind you ask 10-20-50K passed by at price way above yours and then-all of sudden-ask just move far away below yours and you never get filled. sounds familiar? size may matter, but it only small portion of problem.

  6. Try a hearing aid.