Shorting stocks like RCAU

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by jmoo, Apr 24, 2007.

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    How do you short a otc stock like RCAU? It's a no brainer IMO to short this on the way up from $1 to $4 when it's such a POS stock. I hear about the reg SHO list and how this stock is on it but my understanding is you can't short a stock under $5 especially an otc issue.

    Any clarification would be great..
  2. you would of gotten caught on your no-brainer pretty badly if you were short last Thursday @ 3.50

    shorting pink sheets? that is opening a big can of worms

    short answer:you can't
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    Yea would've been squeezed a little but this thing is going below 2 before 6.

    How is this stock on the SHO list if it can't be shorted?
  4. exactly...besides it is going to 8 bones..mark me words
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    There it goes so much for 8 as some people were predicting!
  6. :D
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    Anyone who thought this was going to 8 like to comment on the selloff on such a "terrific" investment??
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    is this a good buy yet down 90%??? hahah

  9. :eek: bombs away
  10. lol what a pos
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