Shorting RETAIL?

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by HomelyWizzard, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. I was looking for any ETF or directional fund (alas Profund etc) to short this sector MAYBE?
    To my amazement I found nothing. Is it me or anyone know a way? ETF? I do not use options or short stocks outright! I use only funds, ETF's

    and Yes I am coat-tailing Buffett or at least looking for a way to nibble for a short trade...
  2. tommcginnis


    I don't think Munger/Buffet short.

    As avowed "value" guys, they seek under-valued assets, buy, and then hold until it looks like the ride is over -- either because the asset had risen, or because other factors had intervened to change the story.

    What does that mean for you (seeking to enter a short when ol'Warren & Charlie are exiting)?? Their exit does not imply that the stock (or the sector) is headed down. Their exit only implies that *they* think the uphill has quit for the foreseeable future. And if you short, that might not be a fun party, should the thing climb for another 6 months (a time period very much in keeping with BerkshireHathaway.

    So, all that said, XRT has traded 2.25mm at noon today, with a 17 historic vol.
    You could do worse, for an asset to trade.
  3. Because retail as we know it is DEAD (plus we may correct overall and I have a small long position so this is a hedge too). The malls are dead etc. I am a long term player too. This is not a quickie if anything. I was looking to see the cost/chart of some ways of shorting....
    How come that there is nothing (no ETF, no Profund)? Even that makes me want to do it even more.....
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    1) I'm with you, brother.
    2) XRT *is* an etf, shortable and everything.
    3) Once upon a time (9 years ago, to the day, nearly), Simon Property Group -- 'Merica's LEADER on All Things Mallish...... was $15. Was UP TO $15.
    At that time, The Great Recession was being NAMED.
    WHO????? In their right minds would touch a MALL REIT?!?!?!?

    Tonight, they closed at ~$180.
    That's One Hundred Eighty Dollars, and no sense at all.

    I just .... I just don't have the Loud Brass Ones to short that puppy.
    I AGREE with you. But just couldn't.
    Anywho, you could do worse than XRT.
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  5. Thanks for the pointer. I have all my money in a 401K and I cannot "short" only with special short vehicles that can be non-margin traded. i.e. I use directional funds but even my brokerage account will not allow a short as I am not margined.
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    You should be able to buy puts. If your broker doesn't allow, change brokers.
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  7. I might play some PUTS! I have a fair amount of money with Vanguard and I would NEVER change because of their fees are hard to beat.
    OR I could open a small margin account and straight short with IB....