Shorting Radioshack (RSH)

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  1. I have been nervous about this Radioshack short for a while now.Ive been short since 34 dollars. It has slowly and nervously grinded lower these last few days. Yesterday, it kind of bounced a bit and I was honestly thinking of covering. However, I know the truth about RadioShack. Radioshack is the worst store in all of America. Bank of America hit it dead on. The morale of the staff is low, the quality of goods in the store is simply bad and who goes the shack? Triple Sell boyz.

    I sit behind my turret knowing that this was such a good trade. Shorting Radioshack=$$$ 100% down room to go. Well, maybe not 100%, like I want, but surely a few more bits to the 20s.
  2. This has been the easiest "long-term" short I've ever seen. I have October Puts and this pig is toasted. I plan on making a couple hundred percent on my options by the time October arrives.

    Fucking Jim Cramer saying that the BofA downgrade is wrong...that guy really needs to be muzzled and thrown in a pit to die somewhere, he is probably hurting more than he is helping. :D
  3. Company vs. Stock -> Two different animals
  4. All the replies on this list I cant see, these posters have earned a spot on my ignore list. Keep posting away, but I wont see it. Time for you to get some new nicknames and then I might actually give your posts the consideration of being read.

    As for Radioshack, it continues to mull lower. Down 5% today, the neck was broken, its done, cooked and my nervousness has turned into courage. I knew I was right and I am right about the shack. The shack should be shorted.
  5. Last thing in the world I'm going to do is create a new alias so you can read what I have to write. Perhaps you should just log out and read the posts like you usually do in order to see in what way people have responded to you.

  6. RSH going down the tubes this week? If the market looks shaky RSH will probably go. Someone held it at $30 for expiration it seemed last week, this week might spell the end. Fun to watch and likely profitable I assume. I've collected 200 October $30 Puts that are already heavily profitable, could be my first decent options score if the stocks kicks down to $20-25 before then. :D

    Anyone else short?
  7. The market was hoping for an LBO or some kind of MA right?
  8. RSH has fallen $5 from its 52 week high. Would you consider covering it now or waiting for another selloff?

    Do keep in mind that GM and F were wittten off for dead last year and yet thier stock has soared. In the past few months GM stocks has rocketed from 30 to 37 based on nothing...
  9. Wrong. Based on short covering by the hedgies.
    Short covering prior to last few days has been nothing but phenomenal. You can "see" it on the On Balance Volume of the ETF's....prices going higher, but volume NOT going higher percentage-wise.
  10. They were saying that Dell was going to buy Radioshack out. Then Dell was supposedly going to sell their computers out of their outlets.

    I dont see the growth in Radioshack and can only imagine that this has been used as a trade vehicle. How is Radioshack going to grow when Circuit City, a more popular retailer, is having trouble. In fact, it appears all the retailers are having trouble.

    If retailers like Circuit City and Best Buy are having trouble, then how will Radioshack survive?

    The last time I was in a Radioshack was???? I cant even remember. I know of no one that goes into any of their stores.

    The only thing keeping it floating this high is the Mr. Julian Day premium. I dont believe Mr. Day will keep this thing floating for long. How is he going to convince the consumer to avoid the Walmarts, avoid the Circuit Cities, etc. and go to Radio Shack?

    I sometimes wonder how they had 4 billion in revenue last year. That was a lot of bull horns sold...

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