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Discussion in 'Trading' started by El Cazador, Jun 25, 2001.

  1. I'm using IB and I am having difficulty getting an NYSE short fill. For example this morning I wanted to short GE at 7:30 PST... $52.32. I transmitted the order and waited... the price wiggled a little below and above my order. It was never filled though. Does anyone have advice on techniques for shorting NYSE? I was just routing NYSE... is this the wrong way?

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    I assume you meant 50.32. I looked at time and sales and noted that it did trade at 50.32 but not on NYSE. It traded in the third market. Afterwards, it traded down.
  3. I cheat and use bullets but hey that's me.

    I've tested them. I can get a bullet filled in up to 2 minutes(specialist limit) meanwhile I needed an up print to short when I had to flag my order as a short. That took 12 minutes on the same trade. (it was a freefall).

    In this case without bullets it's better than to short rallies (which I tend to do a lot when short term parabolic)

    look for some green in the charts and time and sales to get your short. Or come pay a visit to a professional firm for one incredible advantage. or any of the others mentioned here.