shorting natural gas futures

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by adam99, Aug 22, 2009.

  1. adam99


    I would like to short natural gas futures NYMEX Sept 09/ Oct 09. Which brokers will let me do that? I am trying to target closing spreads..
  2. bt116


    Advantage, IB, i think thinkorswim but not sure, tons that are listed places on this site.
  3. Just keep in mind seasonal adjustment is on its way. Yeah, I'm know its trending down, just beware. I am looking at oct(ngv9) is at 3.25.
  4. adam99


    The contract sizes are pretty big, even emini is 2500. I am guessing for this kind of trade to make sense I need to have an account of at least 10-20 thousand. Any thoughts?
  5. If you are doing a spread (long one, short another), yes, 10-20 is plenty.

    If you are doing an outright speculation by going short October, 10-20 thousand would be enough, but the potential drawdown would be too much for me.
  6. adam99


    I started testing interactive broker trade workstation in demo mode.

    There are some problems mini natural gas prices are trading around 5, while they should be around 3. HH futures prices are not quoted. Not sure if these are happening because I was using the demo mode.

    Any experience with interactive brokers trade workstation? I was using CME equotes tool, it had very good support, but I would not want to pay for it, if I can use a traders tool for historical & real time quotes
  7. Why in the hell would you short NAT GAS at these levels?
  8. October may head into the low 2's before settle...

    Not saying it will, but if it does...