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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by ojo, Nov 1, 2002.

  1. ojo


    I just wanted to know if you can short KLAC today?

    I had the best (for me) setup for shorting just now and wanted to do it @36.53 or 54 around 10:45am for some quick profit but I couldnt.
    My IB System telling me that its not on NASDAQ list (?)

    can anyone explain me or tell me website that describes about how the rules work?

    I thought its a small question (and very newbie but I am :>) but I wanted to know about it ASAP so I made new thread

    thank you for your help

  2. u130747


    KLAC is not on the short sale list right now according to the web page.

    Bert:mad: :mad: :mad:
  3. u130747


    KLAC alternative to short may be to write in the money calls . For example November 30 or 35's.

    Bert:D :D
  4. ojo


    Thank you for the info.

    It turned out I had made some money if I could have shorted aiiiii....

    No wonder the price keeps going up hee hee

    Thank you

  5. Eldredge


    Is KLAC really not on the short list? I used to short it all the time with IB, and I am paper trading it right now because I might start trading it again. If it isn't shortable, I will have a problem. This doesn't seem right though. I noticed that there is a KLOC on their shortable list. Could this be a typo?
  6. u130747


    It was not available a couple of weeks ago also. Maybe on Monday. May be a good reason to have a backup account.

  7. ojo


    I could short KLAC yesterday..
    This is my 4th *real* trading day.
    and I have been paper traded KLAC for sometime and I like it :>

  8. u130747


    215 pm not able to short KLAC,

    Bert:mad: :mad:
  9. ojo


    :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
    It could have dropped horribly if short was available... he heh heh
  10. Maybe the swingtype's are holding KLAC waiting for it to take
    a nice big tumble like Humpty Dumpty... :p

    This could by why you can't get a hold of a short on it?
    #10     Nov 1, 2002