Shorting KCP?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by einai, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. einai


    KCP announces after the close. I shorted the stock for Q2 earnings last year and was well rewarded. When the numbers were bad, the stock totally collapsed.

    Forecasts are for -.01, i.e. this is the quarter that should bring them back into profitability.

    Anyway, potential for some good downside here, and worth watching.
  2. einai


    RL just beat by .44

    KCP may rally on the day, and this may indicate that they will do OK
  3. einai


  4. einai


    Beat on earnings (nominally), but guidance is well below estimates.

    Have to see what emerges on the call...
  5. einai


    8.80 premarket

    have to see how this develops

    the 30% miss on revenue guidance may be enough to sink her
  6. ymiyake


    Sees Q4 revenue $107M-$112M vs. consensus of $118.47M

    then falls, and now its at 10! jeez